Again, Russel Brand denies, rape, s3xual assault allegations against him  


Popular British comedian Russel Brand, 48, has for the umpteenth time denied the rape, emotional abuse and s3xual assault allegations leveled against him last year.

Recall that the humour merchant a joint investigation by Channel 4 Dispatches and The Times and The Sunday Times was accused of rape, assault and emotional abuse between 2006 and 2013.

Reports further reveal that since Russel was indicted in a documentary released in September 2023, complainants have come forward to the BBC and the Metropolitan Police.

While reacting to the allegations during a question and answer session with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a YouTube video published on Tuesday, said that the accusations have been very hurtful to say the least.

“My son was born with a heart condition and while this (the documentary airing) was happening he was undergoing heart surgery, he was 12 weeks old and I suppose what that did, Tucker, is it revealed that what we were experiencing was a public concoction.

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“I’m aware that I put myself in an extremely vulnerable position by being very, very promiscuous, (but) that is not the type of conduct I endorse and it’s certainly not how I would live now.”

He said that he is mentioning his son as the documentary made him aware of what is “important in life”.

Russel Brand called it “hurtful” to be accused of “what I consider to be the most appalling crimes… this is very, very painful and very, very hurtful”.

He added: “Of course, I deny any allegations of the kind that have been advanced and what I have seen is the significance of family and the importance of beliefs that are transcendent of this.”


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