PDP stalwart Orbih delivers New Year message to Nigerians amid prevailing adversity


The doggedness and defiant spirit of Nigerians in the face of adversity has been saluted by the National Vice-Chairman, South-South, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Dan Orbih.

The PDP stalwart who made the comments in his New Year message contained in a release to the press, said that not many citizens around the world could have withstood the challenges faced by Nigerians in 2022, ranging from economic hardship and widespread insecurity, to environmental disaster embodied by the ravaging floods that claimed lives and property, and displaced many.

He described the year as “largely a collection of one unfolding trial to another for citizens”.

Orbih stated that not only did Nigerians withstand these trials, but they did so with much grace and fortitude in many instances, summoning the better angels of their nature to rise above the urge to resort to self-help, while also carrying out their civic responsibility. “Given the upheavals that rocked other nations facing similar strangulating inflation and general economic hardship, Nigerians deserve commendation for channeling their frustration into greater political participation through mobilization for voter registration and campaigns for their preferred candidates; this is the way of the civilized, upstanding citizen!”, the PDP stalwart said.

Speaking more broadly on the political season, the PDP leader expressed great excitement about the level of enthusiasm of citizens, especially the youths, and urged sustained commitment to the democratic process. He stated that “we must not allow our passion for a better country to wane; we must ensure that we carry this level of enthusiasm to the elections.

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He, however, noted with dissatisfaction, efforts by some “reactionary forces”, who are opposed to electronic voting as represented by INEC’s BVAS. “We must resist efforts to thwart Nigeria’s march to true electoral integrity, pushing back the opponents of electronic voting every step on the way”, he said. He also called on other stakeholders like security agencies to ensure that they did not serve the ill-wishes of the ethnic political bigots. He challenged President Buhari to leave the stage as a true statesman with a legacy of free and fair elections.

Chief Orbih called on Nigerians to work towards their hope for a better country by voting for only candidates that offered a better vision for the country, candidates with the track record to match the vision, noting that “we are the architects of our own future; the creators of our own destiny”.

He urged all leaders, beginning from the president, to conclude their terms on a high, working harder than ever to meet the aspirations of the people in the face of the grave challenges of insecurity, economic hardship and social strife. “You must approach your remaining days in office with a greater sense of urgency, a greater commitment to development, and a greater display of patriotism”, he said.

“Unity is needed now more than ever; we must unite as a country to defeat our worst enemies, to build a sure foundation for a better future, and to achieve inclusive growth and development”, Chief Orbih concluded.


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