Singer Mz Kiss excites with new single titled ‘Bella’ featuring Ice Prince


Imagine a vibrant blend of traditional African sounds, contemporary beats, and a voice that carries you away. That’s Mz Kiss, the Afro-pop sensation taking the music world by storm.

She’s captivating audiences with her infectious energy and unique style.

But don’t take our word for it.  Her last  EP, “Raised to Power 2,”  speaks for itself.

Her new single “Bella”  featuring Ace rapper “Ice Prince” is  a lush soundscape that perfectly complements the vocal performances of both artists. The production is characterized by its rich instrumentation and infectious groove, making it an ideal track for both radio play and streaming platforms.

Mz Kiss and Ice Prince have each carved out successful careers in the Nigerian music industry, with numerous hits and accolades to their names. This collaboration is poised to be another significant milestone, showcasing their ability to innovate and push the boundaries movement, Mz Kiss is ready to blow your mind.

Mz Kiss, a Nigerian musician from Ondo State, is proof of the infinite ability of music to bridge divides and bring people together. Everywhere she performs, from the colorful Ondo Auto Rally to commanding stages around the world, she creates a lasting impression.

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Nevertheless, Mz Kiss tells stories as well as performs. Her songs are a combination of entertainment and deeper meaning as she tells stories of love, resilience, and social issues. Every performance becomes an unforgettable experience for her fans because of her genuineness and depth.

Mz. Kiss has overcome obstacles to gain recognition and respect worldwide, despite the difficulties she faced in breaking into the international music scene. This is a testament to her talent and perseverance. For aspiring artists, who view her as a symbol of opportunity and success, her journey is an inspiration.

It’s time for everyone who hasn’t yet felt the magic of Mz Kiss to join in on the fun. She leaves spectators wanting more with her amazing performance, which is fueled by her enticing voice, smart lyrics, and alluring dance routines.

Beyond the music industry, Mz Kiss is quickly emerging as a cultural icon who embodies the vitality and inventiveness of emerging African musicians on a worldwide scale. A new generation of talented people is motivated to follow in her footsteps by her success, which says volumes about the expanding influence of Afro-pop and rap globally.

Mz Kiss is sweeping the stage, capturing audiences with her explosive performances and unquestionable talent, from Nigeria to the UK to Canada. She keeps pushing the envelope and redefining what it means to be a true musical sensation with every new album.

Discover for yourself the allure of her EP, “Raised to Power 2,” and learn why this Afro-pop sensation is taking the world by storm. The greatest is still to come; this is just the beginning of the adventure. Join the Mz Kiss movement now to avoid missing out!


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