14-year-old teenager in police net for allegedly raping 14-year-old girl


A 14 year old teenage boy (name withheld) has been arrested by UK police after he allegedly dragged a 14-year-old girl into a bush around the south of Westleigh Park in Leigh, Wigan, and raped in broad daylight.

Police say the victim was targeted as she walked on open land to the south of Westleigh Park in Leigh on Thursday afternoon, April 22 adding that the incident took place between 4pm and 5.30pm as the girl was approached by a male and pulled into bushes.

According to Superintendent Mark Kenny, the 14-year-old boy was arrested on Saturday by policemen and he is currently being questioned following an appeal for information about him.

The girl is also currently being cared for by child services. The identities of both teenagers have not been disclosed…

Kenny said; “This has been a fast-paced investigation and as a result of our enquiries we have now made an arrest.

‘‘While people in the area will continue to see an increased police presence this evening and over the coming days, I would like to stress that we don’t consider there to be any wider threat to the public following this attack.

‘‘At this stage of our investigations, we are not seeking anyone further in connection with this incident. ‘However, I’d like to encourage anyone with information to still get in touch, if you have not done so already.

‘‘I would also like to thank those members of the public who have already come forward with information. ‘Our thoughts remain with the girl and her family as she continues to receive specialist care.’


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