26-year-old woman shot dead by two men after rejecting their marriage proposals


A 26-year-old woman identified as Mayra Zulfiqar has been fatally shot and strangled while visiting Pakistan by two men who asked for her hand in marriage but declined their proposal.

According to legal documents filed by the family of the deceased, Mayra was recently threatened with “dire consequences” by two men after she refused their marriage proposal.


She had told relatives she feared for her life after she refused to marry either of the men and had called on an uncle to intercede.

However, the law graduate from Middlesex University, who had moved from the UK around two months ago, was found dead at her apartment in the eastern city of Lahore.

According to a police complaint filed by her uncle, Mohammad Nazeer, Miss Myra had been threatened by two friends after they tried to force her into marriage, and was later found with a bullet wound to her shoulder, but police said she was also thought to have been strangled.


Supt Sayyed Ali said an unidentified caller had alerted police about the murder and she had been found lying in a pool of blood in her room with her mobile phone near her body.

“We have seized the mobile phone for forensic analysis,” Supt Sayyed Ali said, adding that police teams were also trying to access the nearby CCTV cameras’ footage to check the movements of any suspects.


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