46-year-old man arrested for allegedly killing his two children for money ritual


The long arm of the law has caught up with a 46-year-old man identified as Musilumu Mbwire who has been arrested and detained for allegedly for allegedly killing his two children for money ritual.

The arrest of the suspect was confirmed by the spokesperson of the the Criminal Investigations Directorate spokesperson, Mr Charles Twine, who said during a media briefing that Mbiwire was nabbed at Jiira Village in Bbaale Sub-county, Kayunga District, Uganda.

He added that two weeks ago, the suspect’s brother, Mr Simon Kibubu, who lives in the same area, said he got concerned when he discovered that two of Mbwire’s children were missing.

“When Mr Kibubu asked his brother where the children were, he claimed he had taken them to their sister, Mary Kantono, who lives in the same parish,” Mr Twine said.

“But when Mr Kabubu asked Ms Kantono about the children’s whereabouts, she said she was unaware. This prompted Mr Kibubu to notify the area defence secretary, Mr Asuman Bagala, and lodge a complaint with the police at Bbaale. The police then promptly arrested Mbwire,” Mr Twine added.

Reports say the body of one of the two children, Latif Kamulasi, 7, was exhumed by police pathologists but that of his sibling, 3-year-old Sahum Baizambona, could not be located after a long search.

The police say the father confessed to have slit his children’s throats after his employer asked for their blood promising to pay him Shs4 million and a commercial building at Bbaale Trading Centre.

“My boss promised me Shs4m and a house if I sacrificed my children and gave him the blood, but he has so far paid me Shs100,000,” the police quoted Mr Mbwire to have said.


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