Actor Emeka Ike opens up on his marital woes, how he lost everything to his ex-wife (Video)


Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has once again reflected on his marital woes and how he lost everything to his ex-wife Suzzane Emma who filed a divorce appeal at the Lagos Island Customary Court against him on July 13, 2015.

The thespian whose marriage to Emma was dissolved on the 3rd of March, 2017, over alleged incessant battery, said that his wife plotted his downfall when he left home for the US.

Emeka who shared his ordeal on Channels Television’s Rubbin’ Minds on Sunday, Dec. 17, said that he felt like killing himself after he lost his school and other properties to his wife who accused him of assault.

The actor revealed that while he was away in the US, his ex-wife went to his secondary school, asked all the students to leave, and shut down the school and also removed all his properties as he came back to meet an empty apartment when he returned to Nigeria.

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“I was gullible until I discovered she was behind the whole thing,” the actor said.

He continued: “I came back home to nothing. My properties in my house had been moved.

“I lost like 80 percent of my lands.

“People are building on my properties and I’m looking at it and I feel like killing myself.

“Everything I got as Emeka Ike was gone, it was just that box I went to America with.” Emeka said.


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