Actress Kehinde Bankole recounts heartbreaking encounter with roadside children


Sultry Nollywood actress Kehinde Bankole has taken to social media to recount a heartbreaking experience she had with some roadside children while she was driving in traffic.

The actress who took to her official Instagram page to share her story said that she was in traffic when the street kids came to her car and as some of them cleaned her windshield, a girl who was amongst them walked to her and asked her for her wig whilst she was licking the car window that was irritating.

Kehinde said that she felt disturbed by the action of the girl and others but stopped short at blaming the government for being responsible for the plight of the children and beckoned the FG to do something immediately.

The actress wrote thus on Instagram; “Aunty give me your wig, she’s licking the window now, this hair big o, tell am make he gimme that bottle water, now making streaking lines with her slim fingers across my window, they are sticky from sweets or is it saliva?

“I hope not ? while 4 of her brothers crawl around the car, one spraying water trying to wash the clean windshield, another one too mature to be idle looks at me like come here baby, one of the bigger ones around the curb is breast feeding and the other licking invisible food off her fingers.

“While the harassment continues, I couldn’t help but feel sad for them and feel angry as to why? Why are there so many of these young children and people suffering, living in traffic, harassing motorists and passerby, state or federal government of Nigeria or UAF or what’s the trending name, doesn’t actually matter, someone should rise to do something to help them, the general public are trying enough feeding and giving them what they can afford, traffic moves and we drive off wiper wiping, with our newly saliva stricken and finger art work decorated car.

“I produce a smile, it’s a long day ahead I refuse to start it with a bad funk,” she added.



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