AKWA IBOM: Unknown gunmen kill two police officers


The Akwa Ibom State Police Command has confirmed the death of two police officers who were killed during an attack by unknown gunmen at a checkpoint located at Urua Inyang in Ika Local government area of the state.

The incident was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Akwa Ibom Police command, Odiko Macdon, said that the Commissioner of Police, Amiengheme Andrew, has ordered an immediate investigation into the matter.

According to police spokesperson, the gunmen stormed the checkpoint on their motorcycles and opened fire on the officers, prompting some of the policemen to flee. The hoodlums then carted away rifles and burnt down their van.

He also added that the Commissioner of Police, Amiengheme Andrew, is already in Ika for an-on-the-spot assessment of the attack.

“We are in Ika, trying to gather more facts about the incident”, Macdon said, adding that he would be in a better position to give details after the visit,” he said.


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