BENUE: Two suspects arrested after discovery of shallow graves containing wives, four others  


The long arm of the law has caught up with two suspects who have led men of the Benue State Police Command to uncovered mass graves in the Katsina-Ala Local Government Area of the state.

The arrest of the suspects was confirmed in a statement issued on Tuesday by the spokesperson for the Osun State Police Command, Yemisi Opalola, who spoke with PUNCH said that the two of the suspects, Aondoaseer Terseer, aka Bob Tsetse, 23, and Orkashima David, aka Cash Money, led a team of detectives to the shallow graves, where their victims were buried in order to conceal their nefarious activities.

The suspects claimed to have been working for one Azonto, a militia and the late Gana’s second-in-command and were responsible for several kidnappings and killing of security agents in the Sankera area of Benue State.

The suspects were said to have confessed to killing their wives, with Tertse allegedly saying his wife died when a piece of wood he threw at her pierced her neck following a misunderstanding.

David said his wife’s death was instigated by his father after he accused her of trying to set him up by calling security agents.


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