British billionaire, Harvey Boulter, charged with murder after ‘shooting employee’


A British billionaire identified as Harvey Boulter, 51, has been charged with murder after he was found guilty of shooting dead a member of his staff in Namibia on February 2, 2020.

Reports say Boulter, 51, was arrested at his home after he shot his employee Gerhard van Wyk, 54, in the course of a scuffle during a barbecue at his farm in the African country of Namibia.

The businessman reportedly insulted and threatened Van Wyk’s family with a gun in an argument that erupted after he drunkenly suggested that the 54-year-old’s daughter-in-law owed him sex in exchange for a favour.

The police in Namibia said that when Mr. Van Wyk, who is the manager of Boulter’s 66,000-acre estate, intervened and tried to wrestle the gun off him, he was hit by a single shot and rushed to the nearest hospital about 100 miles from the farm, where he was announced dead on arrival.


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