Burna Boy didn’t receive a dime from Rivers govt during ‘Homecoming Concert’ —Bose Ogulu


Bose Ogulu, the mother and manager of self-acclaimed ‘African Giant’ Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy has revealed that her son did not receive a dime from the Rivers State government for his state-sponsored Homecoming concert.


While speaking during an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on his Rubbin’ Mind show, Bose Ogulu said that for want for a better word, as her people would say, it is only a bastard that refuses honour in his father’s house.

She also went ahead to confirm that other artistes were paid, but her son received no monetary gift during the concert because the event was organized to honor him for his Grammy win.

Bose Ogulu said; “Money was not paid to him but it was paid to everybody else. It was paid to everybody else that went there to perform but it was not paid to him. They were honouring him; he was not paid to be there. For want for a better word, as my people say, it is only a bastard that refuses honour in his father’s house.

“For me, I do not really pay too much attention to such because I was really busy and that is the honest truth. The facts are very clear; this man was honoured because he got the highest award in his field, in the world.

Speaking on how she handles the controversies Burna Boy ignites with his social media outbursts, Ogulu said; “He was honoured because he brought that award home. Why did he get that award? Making the same music that speaks the truth.


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