DMX fighting for his life, tests positive for COVID-19 while in hospital


Popular rapper Earl Simmons better known in music circles as DMX (Dark Man X) has reportedly tested positive for the dreaded COVID-19 disease while in hospital fighting for his life.

Reports say that the rapper who was hospitalised after suffering a heart attack moments after a drug overdose was scheduled for critical brain function tests today to determine the decision that his family will have to make.

However, the critical brain function test may be put on hold as it has been revealed that the rapper has now tested positive for COVID-19.

According to VladTV, X’s manager Steve Rifkind said he tested positive for COVID-19 while in the hospital.

The positive coronavirus test will now shut doors to visitors who wish to see and spend a little time with the New York legend. Only his mother and fiancée Desiree Lindstrom are reportedly among the small group of family members allowed to see X face-to-face.

Recall that after suffering a heart attack, the 50-year-old New York rapper was rushed to a New York hospital on Friday, April, 2, with sources claiming that the drug overdose triggered a heart attack.

The Ruff Ryders MC has long struggled with drug addiction, last checking into rehab in October 2019, with the rapper claiming that his problems with addiction began when he was tricked into smoking crack at 14 by his mentor.

“I was in Yonkers. This guy, ‘Ready Ron,’ he was like an older brother to me,” DMX told fellow hip-hop star Talib Kweli on his “People’s Party” podcast.


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