Don Jazzy explains why he didn’t sign Falz, Simi and Teni at the early stages of their careers


The founder and head honcho of Supreme Mavin Dynasty (SMD) Don Jazzy has disclosed why he did not sign the trio of Falz, Simi and Teni when he had the opportunity to at the early stages of their careers.

The music producer who opened up in a Black Box Interview with TV personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, said that he lost Falz due to his affiliation with another manager at the time.

He further revealed during the interview how he failed to choose Simi in a music contest he organised years back adding that he couldn’t sign Teni because she was based in Atlanta, USA at the time and he had not gotten to the stage of bringing people from overseas down to Nigeria.

Don Jazzy also noted the singer he never wanted to manage is Davido because he knew he would become big.

He said; “I can’t say I turned them down. For Falz, the working situation wasn’t just right. I run a firm that could handle almost everything he needed.

“But I think he had a management company set up already. It was like Tiwa Savage’s but I had to grow into that kind of scenario where I had to handle someone that had a record label, some blueprint process.

“I equally didn’t reject Simi. I did a Twitter contest for ‘Journey of A Thousand Miles’. I also loved her cover because she was one of the people that participated but she didn’t win.

“I didn’t pick the winners. I liked her but you can’t sign anybody. That’s one person I also regretted, I won’t say regret. But I wish we worked on stuff together. The same thing with Teni… we used to check up on each other.

“I had not grown to the point that I would move you from Atlanta to Nigeria for work. Now I can and we work before deciding if we are going to sign. Before I knew what was happening, there were faster people.

“She released records and I was like, ‘okay, we lost that one’. Three hot stars… The only person I didn’t want to sign was Davido I didn’t want to sign him but I knew he was going to be huge. They have money already now,” he noted.


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