Don Jazzy is a demon; most Nigerian musicians may have a contract with the devil, politician claims


Nigerian politician, Seyi Gbangola has taken to social media to categorically claim that popular music Don Jazzy is a demon as he encourages indecency among youths in the music industry.

Seyi who took to his official Instagram page to make the claim said that he would not be surprised if Nigerian musicians have a contract with the devil to lure souls into his kingdom.


He made particular reference to singer, Rema’s song, Booty Bounce, which he found too obscene for a 20-year-old singer.

Seyi used the medium to attack Don Jazzy for producing the song for the youngster tagging him (Don Jazzy) as a ”demon”, and an agent of the devil.

He wrote thus; ”I know a lot of you don’t like to see posts like this. I’m not worried about you. But maybe there’s someone out there that needs to see this. For the rest of you, you can ignore. I no dey follow you argue!

“I’m only concerned for the decaying morals most of you seem to be shinning teeth about.

“Because i kukuma no dey fear you. I mean I’m not even saying the world can be perfect in terms of morals. I’m saying today there is a huge dive in the trajectory of moral standards. And every one acts like its okay. Like wtf mehn!

“My problem is many of you will not accept these behaviours from your own kids or relatives, but if it is someone else’s, it’s fine? That’s hypocrisy with a sprinkle of witchcraft,” he concluded.


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