Donna Summers’ Estate accuses Kanye West of ‘copyright infringement’  


The Estate of late musician Donna Summer has accused popular American rapper Kanye West of copyright infringement after claiming he used an edited sample of ‘I Feel Love’ on Vultures.

Kanye West has been accused by the Estate of the late musician of unauthorised interpolation of Donna Summer’s 1977 hit ‘I Feel Love’ on ‘Good (Don’t Die)’, which features on his and Ty Dolla $ign’s newly-released joint album ‘Vultures 1’.

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A statement shared on the Instagram Story for Donna’s account said: “Kanye West… asked permission to use Donna Summer’s song I Feel Love, he was denied… he changed the words, had someone re-sing it or used AI but it’s I Feel Love… copyright infringement!!!”

Late singer, Donna Summers


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