Heineken’s Afrozons Pre-Grammy Party Honors African Music Icons (See photos)


What an incredible night it was at the Afrozons Pre-Grammy Party, sponsored by Heineken! The atmosphere was electric, the beats were infectious, and the celebration of Heineken’s 150th anniversary blended seamlessly with the triumph of African music on the global stage.

The anticipation leading up to the event was palpable, and the night did not disappoint. The Afrozons Pre-Grammy Party showcased the best of African talent and paid tribute to legends who have shaped the continent’s musical landscape.

One of the highlights of the evening was the moment when the iconic King Sunny Ade stepped onto the stage to receive a well-deserved Legacy award for his immense contribution to African music, being the first Nigerian to be nominated for a Grammy, in 1983.

The cheers from the crowd were deafening as the iconic figure graciously accepted the honour. “KSA’s contribution to the world of music is immeasurable, and it was a moment of pure joy to witness him being recognized and celebrated here tonight,” said Rico Love, Chairman, Grammys Black Music Collective, at the party.

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The spirit of the Kutis was very much alive at the event as Yeni Kuti took the stage to accept the Legacy awards on behalf of her father, Fela Kuti, and her brother, Femi Kuti. The legacy of the Kuti family looms large in the world of Afrobeat, and this acknowledgement was a poignant tribute to the enduring impact of Fela Kuti’s music and the continued innovation of Femi Kuti. Yeni Kuti’s acceptance speech resonated with gratitude and pride, echoing the sentiments of Afrobeat enthusiasts worldwide.

Attendees couldn’t contain their excitement, and social media buzzed with reactions to the unforgettable night. Heineken’s commitment to supporting African music and culture was widely praised, with many expressing their gratitude for an event that showcased the diversity and brilliance of the continent’s musical talents.

“Heineken knows how to throw a party! The Afrozons African Pre-Grammy event was the highlight of the year. Celebrating 150 years with a bang!”

“King Sunny Ade getting his award was a moment I’ll never forget. A true legend!”

“Yeni Kuti’s acceptance speech brought tears to my eyes. The Kuti family’s contribution to Afrobeat is immeasurable. Thank you, Heineken, for recognizing their greatness.”


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