I was a very reserved child when I was growing up, I didn’t start speaking until I was 3 —Tems


Sensational Nigerian singer Temilade Openiyi popularly known in music circles as Tems has revealed that she was a very reserved child while she was growing up.

Tems who made the revelation during an interview with The Cut also said that she didn’t start speaking until she was three and she knew she always loved to sing.

The Grammy nominated musician who was speaking about her upbringing, her unique sound and personality also told the magazine how being bullied for how her voice sounds while grown up

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“All the other girls had these sweet, high voices, and my voice had bass,” she said.

Tems said that she grew up feeling conscious of her talking voice because she did not sound like other girls who had softer tones, even when she sang “other kids bullied her to the point of tears.”

I didn’t speak much, didn’t have much of a social circle, and my status as an outcast made me a target of ridicule. Sometimes I would cover my head with a blazer, and keep mostly to myself.” The musician stated.


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