Jada Pinkett explains how Will Smith slapping Chris Rock saved their marriage  


Popular Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith has explained how Will Smith’s controversial slapping of standup comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards saved their marriage.

The thespian who shared her explanation in an interview with the Daily Mail said that event was a watershed moment that made her realise that she can never leave her husband.

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She disclosed further that the controversial slap was a turning point in their strained relationship which needed some kind of rejuvenation at the time.

Jada reflected on the event and said: “That moment of the sh!t hitting the fan is when you see where you really are. After all those years trying to figure out if I would leave Will’s side, it took that slap for me to see I will never leave him. Who knows where our relationship would be if that hadn’t happened?” 


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