K-Solo slams Sheyi Shay over harsh comments directed at Nigerian Idol contestant


Music producer Solomon Oyeniyi better known as K-Solo has taken a swipe at singer Seyi Shay for directing harsh comments at a Nigerian Idol contestant identified as Ayo Torrus during an audition.

Seyi Shay said thus to him (Ayo) after his performance: “Somebody lied to you and told you to come and audition, and that person, you should go back and tell them they’re not your friends because that was not a good audition.

“Oh, you have a good talking voice, and it comes out in your singing voice, but your performance, terrible. You’re never going to make money being a singer,” she added.

While reacting to the comments by Sheyi Shay during an interview with the PUNCH, K-Solo said that Seyi Shay’s career and attitude to music needed evaluation.

He said, “On this Seyi Shay issue, I tweeted about it. I was upset. I don’t want to believe that there is nobody that cannot make money in the industry. I met Timaya after he went for the Street to Star talent hunt. If it was the Nigerian Idol Timaya went to, I am sure he would have been kicked out. A judge like Seyi Shay would have made him believe he could not do music.

“Imagine someone that her music needs evaluation evaluating another person. She is still a work in progress herself. The hypocrisy in the industry is so bad. There are people who have made ‘legends’, yet they are not on that seat. It is a slap on the music industry’s face. What she said was so bad,” K-Solo added.


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