Kaffy unravels the layers of her motivation towards her dance craft


Popular Nigerian entertainer Kaffy has unravelled the layers of her motivation towards her dance craft and how she discovered dance for fitness and wellness.

The mother of two shared her story while speaking with Channels Television during the Morning Brief show on Tuesday January 16, 2024.

According to her, when she started out she embarked on her dance journey with a clear purpose – fitness and wellness.

“When I started, I was doing it strictly for fitness and wellness because I was using it for weight loss, because I was a size 16,” she revealed.

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Kaffy said she found dance to be a liberating tool, not just for physical health but as a holistic approach to a better well-being.

The energetic performer said that she envisioned dance as a profession, because it served as a sanctuary for her mental health.

“Before I even thought of dancing as a profession, I always saw it as something to help me with my mental health,” she said.



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