Lifestyle influencer features in latest issue of Glitz Africa


Lifestyle, fashion, and beauty influencer, Fijabi Olabisi Suliyat better known professionally as Cwabeniade has been featured in the 30th edition of the highly acclaimed lifestyle magazine Glitz Africa.

The Ghana-based Nigerian influencer Cwabeniade is a dynamic lifestyle influencer who is taking the social media and fashion-influencing realm by storm. With a passion for all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more, she has become a go-to source for inspiration and gradually carving a niche for her brand as an expert in curating the perfect lifestyle.

From fashion-forward outfits to drool-worthy culinary creations, Cwabeniade has an eye for detail and an impeccable sense of style that captivates her ever-growing audience. Her social media platforms have become a hub for all things chic and trendy, with followers eagerly awaiting her next post for a dose of inspiration.

Cwabeniade’s influence goes beyond just aesthetics. She believes in empowering her followers to live their best lives, encouraging self-love, mindfulness, and personal growth. Through heartfelt captions and engaging stories, she shares her own journey, inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness and chase their dreams.

An excerpt of her write-up read “It’s actually been 3 years after the pandemic and a lot of things have changed including the World’s approach to beauty, fashion, Self-care, and style. But dare I say that one of the best ways to make the most of your New Year’s resolution is to start with the little things like updating your wardrobe or revamping it. Yes, I dare!!! I am talking about spring cleaning that wardrobe space, getting rid of the clutter, donating used and unused clothes that will not be worn again to charity, tossing out all the expired products, and much more.”

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“Also, try to feel good about yourself, be patient about your life and what you do, avoid all those loud pairings (be a minimalist), and be confident,” she further intimated.

With her vibrant personality, impeccable taste, and unwavering dedication, she continues to make a mark in the world of lifestyle influencing.

Glitz Africa is an exciting high-end celebrity/lifestyle/fashion magazine highlighting the contemporary African lifestyle.

Glitz Africa released its 30th issue in celebration of some inspirational leaders in the corporate and entertainment space in August.

As a lifestyle publication, this issue presents some fashion and beauty tips on how to appear chic and classy and Cwabeniade offers us some of her classy style tips.



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