Mavin Global reveals ‘The MAVIN Future Five’, set to build the future of music in Africa


Mavin Global led by head honcho Don Jazzy has announced a new offering known as Mavin Future Five as it seeks to build the future of African music by building and investing in those who will be in charge of it in years to come.

The Mavin Future Five is a quinary of the most curious, creative and proactive music enthusiasts in Nigeria and it is also a chance for music wannabes to join the global music powerhouse.

According to reports, Mavin Futuer Five project will be a 6-Month Internship program at Mavin Global, were select candidates will receive mentorship from the best in the business and gain valuable industry experience in the continent’s biggest music label.

Speaking more about the Mavin Future Five project, Tega Oghenejobo, C.O.O of MAVIN Global said; ‘No matter how genius your potential is, everyone has to do their 10,000 hours. You need practice. There are young people everywhere in need of someone to believe in them. Here at Mavin, we are looking to build the future of Music in Africa by building those who will be in charge of it’.

In his words, the company’s CEO and Founder, Don Jazzy said; ‘The music business is more than just the sound, more than just the artists. The Mavin Future Five will be occupying the salient positions that make the music industry tick’


The program will be recruiting young talents, aged 18-23, who will be tasked with honing their music business skills via experiential learning.

They will also be filling the positions of Artists Relations Intern, Digital Intern, New Business Intern, Creative Marketing Intern, and Promotions and Publicity Intern.



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