MC Lively and Harmony show off on Episode 3 of ‘Know Your Music’ on MTV Base


After episode two’s contestants left us holding our sides from laughter, ‘Know Your Music’ on MTV Base returns with an even funnier pair of guests.

Hosted by the electrifying VJ Adams, episode three (3) sees social media influencer Harmony and Comedian MC Lively go head-to-head to prove who knows their music more.

The rules are simple; you have two lawyers, one judge and three segments.

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Both lawyers concern themselves with boasting of outdoing the other during the first segment, ‘Celeb’s Real Name’. Sometimes, they pick the wrong options despite picking the right ones initially — sometimes, going with your guts works.

The next segment, ‘Finish The Lyrics’, where DJ Venom pauses songs and contestants are supposed to sing along is as funny and exciting as it gets. MC Lively accuses DJ Venom of picking simple and popular songs for his opponent Harmony, but was he able to sing them correctly despite these “simple songs”? Tune in to see how well he performs.

Finally, for the ‘Music Genius’ segment, VJ Adams asks general knowledge music questions, and both contestants hustle for the lead. Who eventually takes the crown?




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