Pastor Adeboye recounts how two ‘special children of God’ encouraged the swift resurgence of the ‘Model Parish’ after the ‘great breakaway’


Pastor E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer (G.O) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has recounted how two ‘special children’ of God encouraged the swift resurgence of the ‘Model Parish’ after an unexpected ‘Great Breakaway’.

The clergy who opened up during the Special Sunday Service at the RCCG, Israeli Assembly, LP 2 Provincial Headquarters, Lagos State, said that he was thanking God for all that He had done and his mind was going over certain things that happened in the past.

He said that he remembered the starting of the “Model Parish” and what happened – because the Church grew very rapidly at the time.

“I mean we reached a population of about a thousand in less than one year – and that time, that was a very, very :special miracle’.

“And then what happened? – there was a breakaway and we had about fifteen (15) people left.” Pastor Adeboye noted.

According to him, 15 people left the church leaving only two person’s; Pastor Obafunso AyinOluwa and Pastor (Mrs) Funke AyinOluwa who both encouraged the swift resurgence of the church after the ‘breakaway’.

He said: “And of the fifteen (15) People left, two (2) of them happened to be like Mummy said “Our Special Childrens: Mummy GO in her Address to the Church, you acknowledged Pastor Obafunso AyinOluwa (PICP LP 2 and APICR Region 19) and Pastor (Mrs) Funke AyinOluwa (WPICP LP 2 and WAPICR Region 19 as these Special Children).

“I have known Funke since my days as a lecturer at the University of Lagos.And when you know that I left University of Lagos for University of Ilorin in 1979 and Funke happened to be one of my students at the University of Lagos, then you can calculate the number of years.

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“And if you know that I know the beginning of their Marriage (Referring to the Union of Pastor Obafunso IyinOluwa and Pastor (Mrs) Funke IyinOluwa) – How they met, who won who for Christ et cetera et cetera; so you know that we have been together for a long time.” The clergyman posited.

Pastor Adeboye said that after the ‘breakaway’, he was invited to come and minister by a ‘Special Kind’ of Anglican Church because they wanted him to come and talk to them about the Holy Spirit.

“So, I was there in the Hotel where they lodged me – suffering and smiling because “My Baby” (Newly Conceived Model Parish Template of RCCG) has just been tampered with.

“And then a couple came in to encourage me – (That’s Funke And her Husband, Funso.)
“She said to me – “Daddy, there are about fifteen (15) of us left but that is not zero. Help us a little and we will bounce back.

“I agreed to help them a little. And today, what we have that we call “The First Born Family” of RCCG – We owe it to God and the encouragement of these two (2).” Pastor Adeboye informed.



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