Five health benefits of regular rowing


Considered as one of the most diverse work out plans, regular rowing offers a lot of health benefits to those who are accustomed to the engaging exercise.

Whether you’re doing it at the gym or on the water on a boat regular rowing gets fresh air in your lungs, and also toughens you physically and mentally.

Listed below are five other health benefits of rowing in the gym or on water.

1.) Rowing Helps You Get An Enhanced Cardio System: One of the most effective ways rowing can prove to be a good workout is by its positive impact on your cardio-respiratory system.

If your respiratory system is in good shape, you can lead a healthy life with an agile physique. This is where an ergonomic foldable rowing machine can help by providing your body with the right amount of fresh oxygen that enters your blood which in turn replenishes your whole body, including your heart.

2.) Rowing Is A Low-Impact Workout: Another good reason to do rowing is its low impact on your body. It doesn’t let your joints and muscles go through excessive stress while burning a significant amount of calories.

Overall, rowing is completely a balanced workout in terms of pace and timing. You can control the movements during rowing and recover fast.

If you’ve been suffering from osteoarthritis in its early stage, rowing could be a safe exercise for you to tackle the condition. By regularly rowing, you can improve the condition of your elbow, knees, lumbar, and shoulders.

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3.) It’s Suitable For Various Fitness Levels: When it comes to unlocking fitness for people with various conditions, rowing is one step ahead of other workouts. Rowing allows people of various fitness levels to adapt to its unique movements and effects nicely.

It will be easier for you to adhere to the rowing routine if you possess an ergometer. An ergometer will give you the figures that show how much exercises you’ve done each day with the performance level attained.

Another amazing fact of rowing is that it’s also suitable for people with low vision. It’s safe for them as they don’t need to go through high-impact movements during rowing which in many cases bring unwanted physical risks.

4.) Rowing Increases Endurance: Since rowing is a combo of cardio and power, it naturally increases your strength and endurance over a certain period.
While pulling backward and forward with your power during rowing, you’re exerting your maximum strength within a short timeframe. Here, you’re powering up your muscles and bones which will gradually push you to your limits.
Conversely, you’re slowly but surely enabling your body to sustain throughout the time that you’re using your force for rowing. This in turn, increases the endurance in your respiratory and muscular systems.

5.) It’s A Mindful Workout: It might sound weird but rowing renders a feeling of meditation once you’re invested into this amazing workout routine. Rowing promotes endorphins, a hormone responsible for the ‘feel good’ state of mind.




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