Why you should invest in Sweet Country Ltd Estates located in ‘The New Lagos’


Investing in real estate guarantees you a cool sum of money on your landed property.

The newest thing in Nigeria right now and the world at large is investing in houses and land, and buying real estate is the finest method to manage your finances wisely.

According to history, real estate has proven to be a reliable and solid investment for generations.

Because of growing demand and inflation, land values might rise over time. Compared to stock or other investments, land investing is typically less risky. Land is a material asset that carries little risk and can be held for many years.

Unlike buying a house or commercial property, which may require a significant investment of time and money to maintain, raw land can be held onto for years without any additional investment. This long-term investment approach can provide stability and security in your investment portfolio.

Why you should consider investing in Sweet Country Ltd Estates

Among the several places in Lagos, Nigeria, for real estate investment, Ibeju-Lekki is now the best option. It has been said that Lagos’ Lekki Epe axis is “The New Lagos and the Dubai of Africa.”

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Mega government and private projects, including the free trade zone, deep sea port, Dangote $14 billion refinery/petrochemical industry, Lekki International Airport, numerous international companies, and numerous well-known megacities, have selected Ibeju-Lekki and Epe as their sites. These projects are currently under construction.

These initiatives will undoubtedly draw a sizable immigrant population and investors to the axis. There will be about 40,000 jobs in the petrochemical and refinery sectors at Dangote. As a result, as more people migrate to this location, the value of the land will increase substantially.

This axis has seen a sharp growth in land prices, with real estate analysts noting price increases of up to %1000 in Ibeju Lekki during the past ten years. Your investment today will undoubtedly yield enormous rewards for you in the.

With the promise of fashionable and luxurious living at a reasonable cost, Sweet Country offers you real, inexpensive, and secure plots of land in our estates, Glory Court, Hosanna Park, Bethel Gardens, and Royal Palms. Our estates offer a fantastic location along with a high expected return on investment. It’s 20 minutes by car from Eleranigbe Junction in Epe LGA, off Oriba Road. Eleranigbe is growing up so quickly! Homes and estates are proliferating rapidly.

According to the CEO of Sweet Country Ltd., Johnson Okanlawon, efforts have been made to ensure that no government-committed acquisition affects the entire parcel of property owned by his fast-growing real estate company.

‘We have made sure that no government-committed acquisition affects the entire parcel of property. The excision is being processed at this time. Upon payment, you will receive your Allocation Letter, Deed of Assignment, Sales Contract, and receipt upon physical allocation.’’ Mr. Johnson mentioned.


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