Media personality Toke Makinwa reveals what she finds ‘more’ attractive in a man


Chatterbox media personality Toke Makinwa has taken to her official Twitter account on social media to reveal what exactly she finds attractive in a man she’d love to settle down with.

Toke Makinwa who made her revelation on social media on Wednesday said that at this stage of her life as a woman, the one character she finds attractive in a man is consistency.

She wrote ”As a woman in the space/stage I’m at now, there’s nothing I find more attractive in a man than consistency, that “do as I said I would” energy is so admirable, I fuck with that.

“Truth is we as you grow older you’ll realize how much easier it is to be straight up with yourself first, I hardly tell lies these days cos to be honest, no one is feeding me, I don’t need to waste my own time sugar coating words or not matching energy, everyone will be ok.

“To keep the 10 commandments these days is easy, I don suffer plenty on earth pls I can’t risk going to hell for anybody. It is either Yes, No, Maybe – I’ll see what I can do (communicated) or sorry it’s not a good time right now for this. I’m an adult, no need for games,” Toke added.


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