MR MACARONI TO FILMMAKERS: Normalize payment of upcoming talents, treat them with respect


Popular skit comedian Debo Adebayo, known as Mr Macaroni, has called on Nollywood movie producers to pay upcoming talents for their services and desist from deceiving them with the promise of exposure.

The humour merchant who made the call on Monday in a series of tweets posted on his official Twitter page also cited his ordeal with Nollywood producers when he first kicked off his acting career.

He wrote thus on Twitter; “I’m not asking anyone to be a rebel ooo.. lol. The industry is tough… I know. But when I started acting, I had issues with quite a number of producers. It’s one thing not to pay me. I tolerated that one. But disrespect me?? Never!! I’ll give you my piece of mind and walk out”.

“If you can’t pay upcoming Actors for their time and talent, please don’t disrespect them!

“That role you say you are giving them to help their career, if no one plays it, the production won’t be complete! Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity,” Mr Macaroni added.


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