MTV Base Inside Life Season 4 teases with more captivating scenes (Video)  


After an entertaining Episode 3 on MTV Base’s Inside Life: ‘The New Wave,’ Episode 4 teases with more captivating scenes.

Rexxie reveals exciting news about a future collaboration, the creative direction for his birthday shoot, and his girlfriend also makes a guest appearance. Curious about the sizzling romance to expect?

Liya continues preparing for her Miss Universe Nigeria pageantry performance but faces an outfit challenge. Will the dress affect her performance?

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Eltee Skhillz takes connecting with fans to a whole new level as he hosts a private listening party in his car with OAPs and DJs. They vibe with excitement and even suggest artists they think will do well on a feature. Who do you think Eltee Skhillz featured on the new song?



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