Naira Marley reveals he’s found a pair willing to fulfil his s3xual fantasy


Controversial singer Naira Marley has shared a message from a follower on social media who has indicated interest in fulfilling his fantasy of having s3x with a mother and her daughter.

Recall that the ‘Koleyewon’ crooner had earlier revealed his s3xual fantasy when he stated his intention to have s3xual intercourse with a mother and daughter together, in the same room.

The singer has now shared screenshot of a message from a 21-year-old girl who said that she has a 40-year-old mother who’s interested in fulfilling his s3xual fantasy.

The lady however disclosed that her mother said she won’t participate, but will stay to watch them have sex in her bedroom.

Responding to this, Naira Marley expressed hope of the girl’s mother joining them and also questioned why it must be her bedroom.

He wrote; “I’m sure she will join us… because her body will move naaa haaaa.. okay but why her bedroom? Maybe that’s d boom boom room.


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