Nike wins temporary restraining order against MSCHF for making Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’


American sportswear company, Nike has won its first victory in court against MSCHF’s for making the unauthorised Lil Nas X “Satan shoes”.

Last Thursday, a New York judge sided with the sportswear giant, issuing a temporary restraining order against the unofficial Nike sneakers.

However, it’s unclear how big of an effect that ruling will actually have.

In a suit filed last Monday, Nike accused MSCHF Product Studio, Inc. of trademark infringement over the designer’s 666 pairs of modified Nike sneakers made in collaboration with the “Old Town Road” singer.

In the legal complaint, Nike (NKE) asked the court to order MSCHF to “permanently stop” fulfilling orders for the “unauthorized” Lil Nas X Satan Shoes. The lawsuit notes that social media users have threatened to boycott Nike over the controversial shoes.

Filed in federal court in New York, Nike, in its lawsuit, said the shoes were produced “without Nike’s approval and authorization,” and the company was “in no way connected with this project.”


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