Olamide reveals why he chose ‘UY SCUTI’ as title of his forthcoming album


Popular street hop rapper Olamide aka ‘Badoo’ has revealed why he chose to title his forthcoming album ‘UY SCUTI’, which according to him was derived from the largest-known star in our universe.

The musician who revealed this in a statement issued on Friday said that he chose the title ‘UY SCUTI’ because the album project is way bigger than anything he’s ever done before.

“I chose UY Scuti for the title because this project is way bigger than anything I’ve ever done before,” Olamidé says. “From the creativity, the amount of work that went into the project, the process, it’s just a new Olamidé inside me.”

“The song is saying my lady doesn’t have to do too much to impress me — I love you already,” Olamidé says. “It’s expressing what a guy would sing to a girl to give her confidence. I’m telling the women out there that, if a man truly loves you, you don’t have to go overboard to please him.”


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