PR pro states why most talented Nigerian music artistes are unable to favourably compete in the industry


A young Nigerian PR professional Azeez Olalekan has stated the main reason why most talented local musicians fail to compete favourably on the music scene and otherwise.

Azeez who is a Digital Media Manager and a known social media influencer shared his thoughts in an opinion piece stating that the inability of many talented local music artists to compete in the music industry can be attributed to marketing errors.

According to him, music is a business, and marketing is the soul of any business. He also added that like any other business, potential end users need to know your product in order for them to patronize you.

He said; “If you have a good song that nobody hears, the song would never be a great song. Getting your music to the target audience is important, and it needs to be done right to get the right results. Music marketing is just as important as making good music.

“The African music industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. The days when African music artistes were relegated to the background in the global scheme of things are gone.

“Today, sounds from all over Africa are enjoying global attention. While this development calls for celebration, it also represents a call to action. Music marketing involves a strategic and sustained effort across multiple channels to promote a work or an artist. Hyping / influencing is only part of music marketing, music marketing is much more than that. An effective music tagging campaign requires a multi-channel approach where results are backed up by numbers,” Azeez noted.


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