Puff Daddy denies gang r@ping 17-year-old girl in Manhattan studio


Well-known American music mogul Sean Puffy Combs, popularly known in music circles as Puff Daddy, denied gang r@ping a 17-year-old girl in a Manhattan recording studio years ago.

Puff Daddy, who denied the claims after filing an official legal challenge refuting the allegation, also claimed that a photograph of her sitting in his lap ‘isn’t accurate’.

According to Rolling Stone, an 11-page denial of the allegations leveled by the woman who is now in her 30’s claimed that he (Puff Daddy) ‘’never participated in, witnessed, or was or is presently aware of any misconduct, s3xual or otherwise, relating to plaintiff in any circumstance whatsoever as claimed.”

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The response, filed by the 54-year-old in the Southern District of New York, challenged the authenticity of the colour of photographs purportedly showing the teen sitting on his lap in Daddy’s House Recording Studio.

‘The context, genuineness, and/or accuracy of the photographs are disputed,’ his answer states.

”Plaintiff’s decision to wait more than two decades to file her complaint has prejudiced the defendant, as he has lost the ability to defend himself fully and fairly in this action.

”For example, some or all evidence that otherwise would have been available if the action had been promptly commenced may be unavailable, lost, or compromised.”


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