Rexxie, Liya, and Eltee Skhillz deliver undiluted excitement on Season 2 of MTV Base Inside Life


For ten (10) entertaining episodes, fans enjoyed a sneak peek into the fascinating lives of Rexxie, Liya, and Eltee Skhillz on the second season of MTV Base Inside Life: The New Wave. Each episode had unexpected twists as the stars showed parts of their lives that are usually not seen by the public.

The first few episodes had all three discussing their general struggles as artists. Liya opened up about the difficulty of being a female artist, Eltee Skhillz talked about navigating critics, and Rexxie was honest about almost quitting music.

In the spirit of honesty, Eltee Skhillz introduced some members of his family. Liya took the audience through the process behind her great performance at the 2023 Miss Universe Nigeria pageant and how her stylist almost made her miss that. Rexxie also discussed the attention he receives from fans and how that affects him.

By the fourth episode, the show had gotten deeper for its viewers. Rexxie took it up a notch with his interesting birthday photoshoot while Eltee Skhillz had a listening party in his car! Then, they dropped the first hint of a possible collaboration between them. They finally recorded the hit single in the 5th episode.

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In the next episode, Rexxie discussed his new project. Eltee Skhillz rehearsed for a performance, and Liya got a little vulnerable about her love life. Episode 7 can even be termed the love episode because Liya met up with a Twitter date who asked some rather interesting questions. Rexxie also showed his lover-boy side with his girlfriend.

By the 8th episode, the trio appeared at the 2023 African Creative Market. There, they spoke on their journey, which made Eltee Skhillz emotional. Things got exciting when they revealed the most fascinating things that have happened to them in the industry. Then, Liya had a video shoot that didn’t go as planned, giving fans some insight into how stars deal with setbacks.

The 9th episode was about media rounds for their new hit single, ‘For My Head’, where they met up with the energetic MTV Base Culture Squad Member and OAP, Ilowitdflo. Everything came together in the season finale with Rexxie’s fun pool party for his birthday, which delivered premium entertainment. The Inside Life trio thrilled the crowd by performing their hit single ’For My Head’ for the first time on the show.


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