Six family members killed in murder-suicide after two brothers agreed to commit suicide & take their family with them


A tragic scene played out in the Pine Bluff Drive in Allen, Texas, at 1 am Monday morning April 5, when six members of the same family died in a murder-suicide after two teenage brothers made a pact to commit suicide and take their family with them.

A report by WFAA revealed that the Allen Police Department said they were called to a home on Pine Bluff Drive in Allen, Texas, after a family friend had dialed 911 because they were concerned at least one person in the home was suicidal.

On arrival, the officers found six people dead; two brothers, an older sister, their mother and father, and a grandmother.


While the motive was not immediately clear, Sgt Jon Felty told KRLD they believed the teenage brothers had a murder-suicide pact.

“It looks like two teenage sons entered into an agreement that they we’re going to commit suicide, and that they were going to take their family members with them,” he said.


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