‘Sub Sahara’ TV series set to premiere in 50 African countries


The exclusive screening of ‘Sub Sahara’, a series which mirrors the typical African society while exposing some of its challenges was staged recently to the delight of those who witnessed the event.

While speaking to the pressmen during the exclusive screening of his latest television series, Nollywood director, Buhari Yesufu said that ‘Sub Sahara’ will premiere in 50 Sub-Saharan African countries from the month of April.

During the screening which was held at the Blue Pictures cinema, Onikan Lagos, Yesufu described how the show’s unorthodox story revolves around relevant social themes.

He said; “It highlights the confusion and lack of urgency of pressing issues in Africa. The lead character is a representation of things that are missing and have been taken from the African culture and society.

“It shows how we have been distracted by significantly insignificant problems that have arisen from Kenny’s absence. This live-action method of storytelling takes us back to an era in Nollywood filmmaking, to remind the audience of a better history than what we had access to.”

The TV series stars Sophie Alakija, Steve Chuks, and Tobi Bakre, Darasimi Ogbetah, Vasco Egbaiyelo, Eva Ibiam, Mijah Confidence, Adebiyi Adetola, and Ebenezer.



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