Timaya out with brand new number ‘Joko’ featuring Shaggy (Listen here)


Nigerian singer Timaya, heralded as the King of Afro-Dancehall/Soca, continues to push boundaries with his latest single, “Joko,” featuring the legendary Jamaican artiste; Shaggy.

This collaboration not only showcases the dynamic fusion of African and Caribbean sounds but also serves as a sneak peek into Timaya’s upcoming album, “GLADIATOR.”

“Joko” represents the evolution of the Afro-Dancehall genre, featuring infectious rhythms, a catchy bounce and witty lyricism that captivates audiences globally. As Timaya gears up to release his highly anticipated 9th musical project, fans can expect a musical journey that transcends genres and solidifies his status as a true pioneer in the industry.

Breaking away from traditional narratives, “Joko” explores a vibrant fusion of Yoruba and Jamaican influences, creating a high octane dancehall anthem that redefines the genre. Produced by Young D, the track showcases Timaya and Shaggy’s unparalleled chemistry, with witty lyricism and charismatic vocal interplay.

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As the lead single from Timaya’s upcoming “GLADIATOR” album, “Joko” is a bold statement of the artist’s commitment to pushing the Afrobeats/Afro-Dancehall genre to new heights, and solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of global music who is still raising the sonic torch.

The record is a catchy tune with a global appeal by default as Timaya and Shaggy ride the infectious tune with a special bounce peculiar only to dancehall legends. Just like the title of the album; “Gladiator”, these two special artistes have been making music for over 2 to 3 decades respectively and a combined half a century as they have simply “Just kept going” in Timaya’s words.

The timing for the record is pristine as it comes close to the annual second edition of TIMAYA DAY on Jan 1st 2024 which is a day dedicated to celebrating Timaya’s legacy in his home state Ox-bow Lake Pavilon, Bayelsa, Nigeria.


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