Tony Tetuila tackles Eedris Abdulkareem over comments he made in a recent interview


Tony Tetuila, a former band member of the Remedies, has tackled his colleague, Eedris Abdulkareem, over the comments he made about him in a recent interview.

Eedris drew the ire of Tony Tetuila when he claimed in an interview that when he started out with Eddy, they went for a show in Ilorin where they met Tony, who was ‘desperate’ to sing.

The ‘Jaga Jaga’ crooner, who made the revelation while sharing his grace to the grass story, said that Tony was invited to join the group due to his desperation.

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“That was how we became three,” Eedris narrated during the recent interview.

However, Tony has now fired back at Eedris while reacting to his account of their past. While sharing a video of his reaction to the interview, Tony called Eedris a ‘liar’.

Tony wrote: “Am highly disappointed in this guy, he is a bloody liar, how could a grown man like this be telling lies, na GOD go punish who dey lie.”


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