YUL EDOCHIE TO YOUTHS: Relocating out of Nigeria not a solution to your problems


Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has taken to social media to advise youths not to think that travelling out of the country to seek greener pastures will be the end of their problems.

The actor who took to his official Twitter account to offer the advice was reacting to a sermon by popular preacher, Paul Adefarasin, who told his congregation in a sermon to have a plan B which includes fleeing the country.

The clergy in a video was heard saying to his congregation that the situation in the country threatens every human life, and added that with technology, he can speak to them from anywhere in the world.

He said; “Whether that’s an Okada to Cameroon or flying boat or speedboat as we call them to Seme Border or a hole in the ground, get your plan B because these people are crazy. They are nutters. The whole bunch of them… And watch the signs because it can happen like this. God forbid!

“You could be in fright and running for your dear life any day from now if this thing does not come to an end,” Adefarasin added.

In his response to the message by Adefarasin, Yul Edochie, told his followers that ‘jakpa’, the street slang for fleeing, is not the answer.


“Yes, no one wants to lose his life but (the) truth is, we’ll all die someday, all of us. So what’s the point of running? I’m a man sent by God to liberate his people. I will not run from my fatherland. We must get it right. My plan B is ‘No Leave No Transfer’,” he said.


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