Actor Freddie Leonard fires backs at fan who says he’s unfit to give marital advice


Nollywood actor, Freddie Leonard spared no words when fired back at a social media user who said that he’s not fit as a single person to give marital advice to troubled couples.

The actor had earlier reposted a message on Twitter scribbled by one of his colleagues, Nkiru Umeh, who stated on her official social media account “that a family member who wants to come first before a marital partner is a devil’s apprentice.”

The post was approved by Freddie Leonard who reposted it on his wall but the move incensed the social media stalker who called out the actor after summing up that it was Freddie who made the comments on the post.

”How do you know all this. You are not married yet, only married people know that’ the social media user wrote.

In his reply, Freddie Leonard said; “I am in a good mood so I will ignore your idiocy. If you could read and comprehend, you would have noticed that I reposted from someone’s page.

“And if you researched further since it is a sensitive topic, you would have also seen that I reposted from a married person,” the thespian noted.


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