Agba takes on Daisy in exciting new episode on MTV Base ‘Know Your Music’ (Watch trailer)


Following an entertaining episode three (3), MTV Base ‘Know Your Music’ returns with an even more exciting fourth episode. Superstar VJ Adams starts the show by introducing content creators Oli Ekun “Agba” and Daisy, who show off their music knowledge.

Things quickly get interesting in the first segment, ‘Celeb’s Real Name’, which ends with one of them being disappointed. Who do you think it is?

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During the ‘Finish The Lyrics’ segment where DJ Venom pauses songs and contestants are supposed to sing along, the DJ is accused of catching the contestants off guard. Tune in to see how the guests navigate this.

Going into the last segment, ‘Music Genius’, with VJ Adams asking general knowledge music questions, Daisy is in the lead but does Agba manage to claw his way back to force a tiebreaker?



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