American rapper J. Wright arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend on Mother’s Day


The long arm of the law has caught up with multi-platinum songwriter J. Wright who has been arrested by the police in Davenport, Iowa for allegedly killing his girlfriend on Mother’s Day.

The police revealed that J. Wright was arrested after a response to a call about a disturbance in a home on Sunday afternoon, May 9 and when they arrived at the scene of the crime shortly after 1:30 pm., they found 20-year-old Wilanna Bibbs had been shot.

According to, NBC news affiliate, paramedics pronounced Bibbs dead at the scene.

The police in a statement said that they arrested Justin L. Wright, a prominent 31-year-old songwriter, who was dating the victim. It’s unclear how long they had been together.

Wright has been charged with first-degree murder. He is being held on $500,000 cash bond

During a bond hearing, Wright requested a court-appointed lawyer, saying he had been sleeping in hotels. “I’m not making anything right now,” he told the judge, according to “All my belongings were stolen in November.”

Wright remains in Scott County Jail with a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 20.


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