Brazil court rules Robinho must spend 9-years in jail after being convicted of gang rape


Former Brazilian striker Robson de Souza, popularly known as Robinho, will spend the next nine years in prison in his homeland after he was convicted of gang rape in Italy in 2017.

Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice (BSCJ) rendered its decision on March 20, following an extradition request for the 40-year-old from Italy in 2022.

In January 2013, an Italian nightclub hosted six guys who were convicted of abusing an Albanian woman. Among them was the former Premier League star who played for Manchester City.

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According to Brazilian news source Globo, the decision to imprison the football player in Brazil was approved by nine out of the fifteen ministers in the court. As a result, the decision was made to appeal the verdict.

The former football player, who also played for Real Madrid and AC Milan, will reportedly be detained in Santos, where he presently resides, according to Globo.

The extradition of domestic criminals is generally prohibited by the Brazilian constitution. Should he have left Brazil, he might have been arrested and jailed for his crime.


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