Celebrated film executives make a living from cheating movie producers, Blessing Egbe claims


Top Nollywood producer Blessing Egbe has taken to social media platform, Twitter to call out celebrated film executives whom she accused of making a living from cheating movie producers.

In a series of posts on her official account, Blessing Egbe also threatened to list the names of the Nollywood executives who are fond of extorting and hoodwinking gullible film producers.

The moviemaker who also doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of B Concept Network productions and has produced hit movies like Two Brides and a Baby, Lekki Wives, and One Room among many others accused the unnamed Nollywood film executives of creating a system that ensures producers make barely any profit from their content.

Blessing Egbe wrote thus on Twitter; “These people get rich off producers’ content. The plan, it appears, is to make producers reach the point of lack so much that they become slaves to them,” Egbe wrote.

The thespian also added that the fear of being blacklisted in the industry has ensured many producers take the ill treatment without publicly addressing the wrongs done to them.

“Producers take the most hits in all of this & because of fear of being blacklisted, We keep mute. For how long? How do you owe a producer for content that you have licensed or aired? How do you shut the door to good content, or underprice it bcos of sentiments? Producers are VICTIMS!”


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