Court convicts 28-year-old man for murdering, eating grandmother after cutting her into tiny pieces


A court in Spain has convicted a 28-year-old man Alberto Sanchez Gomez branded ‘a cannibal killer’ of murdering and eating his mother after cutting her up into tiny pieces.

Gomez was found guilty by jurors of strangling the 68-year-old after a row.

He dismembered her body before eating part of her remains over the next fortnight, Mail Online reported.

Sanchez Gomez told police who arrested him at their flat in Madrid on February 21, 2019, that he had been eating his mum ‘bit by bit’ with his pet dog.

During court proceedings, the jurors, six women, and three men, also dismissed Sanchez Gomez’s claims he was experiencing a ‘psychotic episode’ when he murdered and dismembered his mother.

Reports say State prosecutors demanded a 15 year and five-month prison sentence for Mr Alberto if convicted of homicide and desecration of a human corpse when his two-week murder trial started on April 19 at Madrid’s Audiencia Provincial court.

The judge will now decide how long he should be jailed for in the next few days.

Sanchez, whose dad died when he was 15, claimed in court at the start of his murder trial he had heard ‘hidden messages’ when he watched TV and voices telling him: ‘Kill your mum.’


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