Court slams 18-year jail term on 60-year-old man who stabbed his wife 300 times


A court in the UK has sentenced George Leather, 60, to eighteen years in prison after he inflicted around 50 to 100 injuries on his wife, Paula Leather’s face and neck, and between 200 to 300 injuries to her body.

Reports say 56-year-old grandmother was ‘unrecognisable’ when officers arrived at their home in Prescot, Merseyside, at 1.20am on November 16, 2020, and Leather was arrested at the scene and later charged with murder.

A post-mortem concluded she died from stab wounds to the head.

The court heard Leather subjected his wife to an abusive and controlling relationship for a number of years before the ‘brutal’ attack.

He had originally pleaded not guilty at a hearing in February this year, but changed his plea to guilty on Friday.

Jailing him for a minimum of 18 years, Judge Andrew Menary QC said:

‘It was an episode of unspeakable and barbaric savagery.’

Speaking on behalf of Mrs Leather’s family, Detective Chief Inspector Helen Bennett said: ‘This was truly a horrific and violent assault which resulted in a devoted mum and nanny losing her life at the hands of her husband.

“Mrs Leather’s three children, Jason, Jessica and Matthew, have been devastated by their loss and have struggled to come to terms with the brutal manner in which she died.

“This was not a one-off violent attack. George Leather was an unjustifiably jealous and controlling man and while there were no previous reports to police, the family believes that Paula had been in an abusive and controlling relationship with her husband for a number of years.

“Together with Merseyside Police, they want to raise awareness of the support that is available to anyone who is or has experienced domestic abuse or has been affected by it in order that nobody else has to suffer or silence or go through what they have been through.

“For anyone who is in a controlling relationship with an abusive partner but financially tied through a mortgage or tenancy, there are confidential support services available to help you and their children. ‘If home is not a safe place for you then we want you to know that you are not alone and you do not have to stay at home if it is not safe to be there,” Bennett added.


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