HIV positive Ghanaian actress dares her ex-lovers to take her to court if she’s infected anyone with the virus


Sultry Ghanaian actress Joyce Dzidzor Mensah shocked many when she dared her ex-lovers on live TV to take her to court if they feel she deliberately infected them with HIV.

The HIV/AIDS Ambassador said that her threats are addressed to Ghanaians in Germany who have vowed to have her prosecuted over allegations of deliberately infecting them with the deadly virus.

According to her, there are laws that guide actions of HIV infected persons adding that any man she’s had a sexual affair with in the past that thinks she has infected him with HIV can then go to the police and report her.

Joyce said; “I have no explanation to offer anyone. I think the more I talk about the issue, the more people get excited to speak ill about me. I want to tell Ghanaians in Germany that I cannot be moved by your threats. There are laws that guide the actions of HIV infected persons. So if you are a man who has had a sexual affair with me and thinks I have given you HIV, then go to the police and report me.

“Some of you may rush to the court. I have seen the worst of it. Some had taken me to court for having shared a photo on social media about the man responsible for my kids. I dare you to take this action this time on your claim that I have infected you.

“There are some of you who slept with me in your offices and cars. And you think I have infected you with HIV, take me to court, lest I will personally take you to court or report you to the police for it because you don’t have the balls,” she concluded.


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