Judge restores Dr. Dre’s single status amid divorce proceedings from ex-wife Nicole  


A Superior Court Judge, Michael Powell has today restored the single status of popular Hip Hop mogul Andre Young aka Dr Dre amid his ongoing divorce from his wife, Nicole Young.

Dr Dre has been in a long battle with his estranged wife Nicole Young ever since she filed for divorce in July 2020 and according to court documents obtained by Radar, in March, Dre asked the court to restore his single status legally.

He said there was no hope for reconciliation and he wanted to move on with his life.

The wish of the music producer was granted this week by the judge presiding over Dre’s divorce motion.

As a result, the billionaire can tell others he is legally single. The battle with his ex is far from over as they are yet to figure out a settlement over their property and assets.

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This development comes after Judge Michael Powell ordered Dr Dre to pay the sum of $500,000 within 10 days to the lawyers of his estranged wife Nicole Young.

The presiding judge gave the order after Nicole Young, 51, had asked a Los Angeles court to force her wealthy, soon-to-be-ex husband to pay her $2 million per month in spousal support, plus $5 million for her attorney fees.

In a written ruling, the judge said: “Pending the next hearing dates on this matter, the Court grants only $500,000 in attorney’s fees to petitioner’s (Nicole’s) counsel … Fees are to be paid to petitioner’s counsel, no later than May 7.”



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